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The Downward Hills of Disobedience

Proverbs 3:6- “Trust
in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all
your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

               I got a wheelchair
accessible golf cart a week ago. It has been a joy to ride in the town of
Peachtree City, and already this journey with having a golf cart has taught me
a valuable lesson. Recently I encouraged my mom to drive to Target in the golf
cart. She had her reservations. She wanted to take the car because it would be
faster. My brother had warnings of how the trails are very narrow with many
hills. I didn’t care about their reservations or warnings. I simply wanted to
go on an adventure.

                We went
on the trail, and my brother was right. The trails were very narrow with many
hills. I felt like I was on a wild ride with the fear of flipping over. The
journey would have been much quicker by car, and it could have rained at any
moment.   We were half way to our destination. After
crossing the street we were going up this steep hill only to roll backwards.
The golf cart wouldn’t go over the hill. There was too much weight for it to go
up, and the battery was halfway dead. Going backwards caused us to scrape the
golf cart a bit, and it made us go into panic mode. Eventually my mom steered
it in the right direction, and we had to turn around and go back home. After
getting back we went and ran our errand in the car, like my mom had planned in
the first place.

journey had taught me that when we do not take heed of the warnings of God we
can go on a journey filled with unnecessary struggle.  When we are not in obedience with God our
lives can be gravitated downward, and it can cause many unnecessary scrapes to
us spiritually and physically.  Just like
how we ended up going back home to take the car after taking the golf cart, you
can be out of the complete will of God, but He will still direct you into the
path He wanted you to go in the first place (after much wasted time).

              I just want to encourage you not to
lean into your own understanding, but be obedient to God, and trust in Him.
Take God’s warnings into consideration in your life.  He’ll make all of your paths straight, and it
will make the journey so much easier.

Remember that Jesus loves you, and
that I love you too! XOXO,

Shakeyla <3 

“Heritage” 2017.

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