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Trust God. He Will Supply All of Your Needs.

“For I have given you
an example, that you should do what I have done for you.” –John 13:15

“He gives power to
the weak, and those who have no might He increases strength.”-Isaiah 40:29

“The Lord is my Shephard;
I shall not want.” –Psalm 23:1

                Each morning I pray that I trust in
God, and He has truly outdone Himself. He is a good Father. Recently I went on
a trip to Daytona Beach for a family reunion, and God was there every step of
the way, whether it was through my spirit, my caring family members, or
strangers. As I looked out into the ocean His presence was there. The waters
were calming, but at the same time very powerful.

while being disabled isn’t an easy task. Before going on this trip I was very
worried. I was worried about feeling like a burden to others, not having an
accessible room to my standards, and not being able to truly enjoy the beach
because my wheelchair wasn’t built to roll in the sand. I just knew that I
wasn’t going to have any fun, but boy was I wrong! I’m so glad that I was.  

the trip even began I was very negative. I just knew that everything would go
wrong. I thought to myself what’s the point of even going when I know that the
necessities that I have at home will not be there; like my lift that helps get
me in and out of bed, and my shower chair that gives me access to the shower. I
also felt like I’d end up being a burden to my family. I didn’t want them to
have to get those heavy ramps in and out of the van, and I didn’t want them to
struggle getting me in and out of bed.

remember being discouraged before going because my mom had called two hotels
asking for handicapped accessible rooms, and they all were booked. A few no’s
can end up giving you the best yes. When she finally had booked a room I just
knew that it wasn’t truly going to be accessible. There were times when I’ve
travelled that my chair couldn’t fit through the bathroom door, or the bed was
too low or too high, or that there was hardly any room to move around my chair.
 This was a different experience. I
finally had gotten access to a room that exceeded all of my expectations. It
was like that room was meant for me. I could fit in the bathroom, and the bed
and chair lined up so well that it wasn’t even a struggle to transfer in and
out of bed without a lift. Plus the beach view was amazing.

                It was
like God was saying, “I told you that I’ll take care of you.” The hotel was
beautiful and filled with amazing artwork. I knew that I was meant to be
there.  My family was filled with so much
joy, and energy. I was not a burden to them. They seemed happy to serve me (they’ve
always been great at that it’s usually just me in my own head).  I worried for nothing.  

                All of
my needs were met. The funny thing is that I pray each day to be an artist that
travels the world. If God allows me to do that I simply need to put all of my
trust in Him, and that He’ll supply all of my needs in that season. Nothing
comes easy in life, and all situations aren’t perfect. At least the God that I
serve is crazy faithful. He uses people and my surroundings every day to remind
me of His presence. Have no fear, worry, or doubt. God has been taking care of
you. He’s written out all of our days, and He won’t stop taking care of you

Remember that Jesus loves you, and so do I! 



“Fly Girl, Fly” 2018.

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