Faith without Works is Dead

                We have goals and dreams. It’s just a part of being human.
We have to have vision to make this world a better place, and also to glorify
God’s kingdom. God has instilled this purpose for us in the very fiber of our
being. When He created us individually He had this plan to use us for His
glorification in a world that can be dark and weary.

you get in tune with God you will figure out this purpose written for your
life. Along with this purpose God will begin to instill His promises for your
life. These promises are for your very own well-being. He makes these promises
to you because He wants to bless you, but with these blessings comes many
sacrifices, and even trials and tribulation. Lean not into your own
understanding, but in God’s. During your trying times that will be when God
will mold you and get all the things that are not like Him out of you.

                In the
book of Joshua Israel was promised an inheritance from God. God promised them a
land flowing with milk and honey, vineyards, and housing. It was theirs for the
taking, but this inheritance came with some work. They even had to go to war
for it. God reminded them that in order to get this inheritance they needed
faith and courage.

                God has
a plan for you; your very own ‘Promise Land’.  You’re going to have to put in the work, and
you may even have to fight for it. You must have faith and courage to hold it.
There will be idols you will have to give up idols along the way. You will have
to let go of bad habits. You will have to sacrifice the things that bring you
pleasure, and you will have to allow God to take you out of your comfort zone,
along with everything that is familiar to you. 

not going to be easy. There may even be a time when you feel like you’re going
nowhere. Even the Israelites wondered in the wilderness for forty years, and
that’s because God had to mold them. He had to take them, and make a new people
out of them. You must allow Him to mold you in the process.

                If God
has placed a vision in your heart just GO FOR IT! Take what God wants to give
you. It may not just get handed to you, because you have to put some work into
it. Recently I’ve been working on art. I have hope that my craft will get
better, but it won’t get better if I create nothing. You have to work for it,
and once you get to that place all glory be to God. You will even appreciate it
more because you’ve worked so hard for it.

                It takes a ton of work in your craft, and in yourself to get
to your very own Promise Land. Thank goodness we serve a God that loves us and
never breaks His promises! “So the Lord gave to Israel all the land of
which He had sworn to give to their fathers, and they took possession of it and
dwelt in it. The Lord gave them rest all around, according to all that He had
sworn to their fathers. And not a man of all their enemies stood against them;
the Lord delivered all their enemies into their hand. Not a word failed of any
good thing which the Lord had spoken to Israel. All came to pass. (Joshua
How amazing is that!

Remember that Jesus loves you, and that I love you too! 


Shakeyla <3 

“Papa Duck” 2017.

Chase God and Chase Your Dreams

                     The world is constantly yelling at us to chase after
superficial things.  There’s nothing
wrong with money, cars, and clothes, but these things become a problem when we
let them consume us. Mark 8:36 asks
us, ‘What good is it for someone to gain
the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?’
There are people doing whatever
means possible to get the ‘American Dream’ at the expense of their very own
souls. There is a serious problem when you look in the mirror and you can’t
even recognize the person you are anymore.  There are a lot of unhappy rich people in the
world. They shouldn’t want for anything. Why is that? There is something
missing, and that something is God.

                   I am not saying that all rich
people did terrible things to get where they are. What I am saying is that
these things that we work for means nothing if God didn’t order our steps in
the process. ‘The heart of man plans his
way, but the Lord establishes his steps’ -Proverbs 16:9.
We have all these
dreams and plans planted in our hearts for a reason, but these plans are
meaningless without God. ‘I have seen
all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a
chasing after the wind’- Ecclesiastes 1:14.
He gave us talents and gifts,
so how can we leave Him out of the process in pursuing our dreams?

funny part is when we exclude God from our paths we never feel good enough to
be in our purpose. There isn’t this extra push to get us in the right
direction. We carry this huge load on ourselves, as we allow God to sit on the
sidelines. He’s waiting for us to cast all of our worries and burdens onto Him.
He’s yelling at us to include Him, and put Him in the game. He wants us to have
a bright future filled with aspirations and dreams.  ‘For I know the plans I have for you,
declares the Lord,
plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope’-Jeremiah
In the meantime
we’re out here chasing something we weren’t supposed to be chasing. No wonder
doors have been slammed in our faces, or that we are miserable at the jobs we
are in. No wonder why our plans of networking aren’t going our way. God never
told us to go to some of these places in the first place.

                You’re probably wondering, “How
do I go into that path that was meant for me?” 
The answer is so simple. You chase God.  Once you get to know the Father in heaven He
will direct you into your purpose. ‘But
seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be
given to you as well’-Matthew 6:33.
Once I went after the Father, and read
His word all of these ideas and doors started to open. God has shown and taken
me places I could have never imagined. I’m doing things that I would have never
done years ago. I never felt good enough, or smart enough in the past. Once I
found out what the Creator thought of me my confidence in my gifts sored. I am
allowing Him to use me in all things that I do. It’s no longer just about me
and what I’m feeling, it is now all about Him and the people that need a
glimpse of God through me. As each has received a gift, use it to
serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace’-1 Peter 4:10.

                There are things you need to
realize as you chase your dreams:

You are enough and worthy of all things God has
in store for your life.

There are NO limits for God, so believe in all
the plans He has for you (big and small).

Do not tell everyone about your calling.
Sometimes God’s vision for our lives is too big for small minded people (you do
not need any discouragement). Stick with what God said.

               Once you chase after God, and chase your dreams you will become
fulfilled in life. It is so amazing to know that the Creator of all things
loves you, and He has this plan for you. We all have a purpose. What are you
waiting for? Go chase God and let Him direct you into the plan that He has for
your life!

Remember that you are loved by the Most High, and that I
love you too! 


Shakeyla <3  

“I am Light” 2017.

Trust God. He Will Supply All of Your Needs.

“For I have given you
an example, that you should do what I have done for you.” –John 13:15

“He gives power to
the weak, and those who have no might He increases strength.”-Isaiah 40:29

“The Lord is my Shephard;
I shall not want.” –Psalm 23:1

                Each morning I pray that I trust in
God, and He has truly outdone Himself. He is a good Father. Recently I went on
a trip to Daytona Beach for a family reunion, and God was there every step of
the way, whether it was through my spirit, my caring family members, or
strangers. As I looked out into the ocean His presence was there. The waters
were calming, but at the same time very powerful.

while being disabled isn’t an easy task. Before going on this trip I was very
worried. I was worried about feeling like a burden to others, not having an
accessible room to my standards, and not being able to truly enjoy the beach
because my wheelchair wasn’t built to roll in the sand. I just knew that I
wasn’t going to have any fun, but boy was I wrong! I’m so glad that I was.  

the trip even began I was very negative. I just knew that everything would go
wrong. I thought to myself what’s the point of even going when I know that the
necessities that I have at home will not be there; like my lift that helps get
me in and out of bed, and my shower chair that gives me access to the shower. I
also felt like I’d end up being a burden to my family. I didn’t want them to
have to get those heavy ramps in and out of the van, and I didn’t want them to
struggle getting me in and out of bed.

remember being discouraged before going because my mom had called two hotels
asking for handicapped accessible rooms, and they all were booked. A few no’s
can end up giving you the best yes. When she finally had booked a room I just
knew that it wasn’t truly going to be accessible. There were times when I’ve
travelled that my chair couldn’t fit through the bathroom door, or the bed was
too low or too high, or that there was hardly any room to move around my chair.
 This was a different experience. I
finally had gotten access to a room that exceeded all of my expectations. It
was like that room was meant for me. I could fit in the bathroom, and the bed
and chair lined up so well that it wasn’t even a struggle to transfer in and
out of bed without a lift. Plus the beach view was amazing.

                It was
like God was saying, “I told you that I’ll take care of you.” The hotel was
beautiful and filled with amazing artwork. I knew that I was meant to be
there.  My family was filled with so much
joy, and energy. I was not a burden to them. They seemed happy to serve me (they’ve
always been great at that it’s usually just me in my own head).  I worried for nothing.  

                All of
my needs were met. The funny thing is that I pray each day to be an artist that
travels the world. If God allows me to do that I simply need to put all of my
trust in Him, and that He’ll supply all of my needs in that season. Nothing
comes easy in life, and all situations aren’t perfect. At least the God that I
serve is crazy faithful. He uses people and my surroundings every day to remind
me of His presence. Have no fear, worry, or doubt. God has been taking care of
you. He’s written out all of our days, and He won’t stop taking care of you

Remember that Jesus loves you, and so do I! 



“Fly Girl, Fly” 2018.

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