Suffering is NOT Your Story’s Ending

“For to you it has
been granted on behalf of Christ, not only to believe in Him, but also to
suffer for His sake.” – Philippians 1:29

                 I’ve had some major losses this year, and the crazy thing is this year isn’t even
over. I so badly wanted to skip this season. I wanted to skip the year 2019. I wanted to get out of the season of
depression. I couldn’t afford to feel depressed. I thought that too many
people were counting on me to bring them joy, so I suffered in silence about my feelings.

gets glory in all things. He gets glory in my laughter. He gets glory in my
creativity, so who am I to think that God cannot get glory out of my suffering? This season has caused me to ask Him more. It has caused me to
thank Him more. It has caused me to worship Him more, even when I don’t feel
like it.

               I found myself taking out my frustration on those near to me. I’m sorry if I hurt you. 

                I was searching for understanding. I was searching for Him, because I was desperate to
feel joy and peace again.  I was desperate
for Him. There will always be a season where we need to rely on Him,  so we will not forget or take Him for granted. If everything were perfect there would be no need for God. 

                 When we
are uncomfortable something is being transformed in us. Before a caterpillar
turns into a butterfly it is in a cocoon. The cocoon isn’t a comfortable
place to be in, but after being uncomfortable the caterpillar is now transformed with wings, and
flies away into its destiny. The amazing thing about the butterfly is that it doesn’t
fly against the wind, but flies with the wind instead. 

               Even my Savior suffered at one point, but He didn’t stay there long. He is now sitting at the right hand of the Father for eternity. My suffering did not last long either. I am where God wants me to be.  I feel joy, and peace right now. That doesn’t mean it won’t change. We grow every day, and when we grow things get uncomfortable.    

gets glory in all things, so I will surrender to His will. I may lose, but I will gain again. Perseverance brings good character, so
have Your way God. I have faith that I will not sit in hopelessness.

                Know that God hasn’t forgotten about you. He sees your
frustration. It’s okay to feel the way that you feel.
Do not fly against it, but fly with it. Express your feelings. Do not hide in
darkness. You are human. Remember that after every storm the sun will come out again. Let’s get uncomfortable. Suffering is not your destination. It’s just apart of the journey. 

Jesus loves you, and so do I.


Shakeyla’s T.

Going in the Deep End

“Now when He had left speaking, He said unto Simon, “Launch
out unto the deep, and let down your nets for a drought,” and Simon answering
said unto Him, “Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing:
nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.”  And when they had this done, they in closed a
great multitude of fish: and their net brake. -Luke 5:4-6 

                So…. When
I read this scripture today it just spoke to me on so many levels. I can relate
to Simon in this passage. Sometimes it seems like I’m working so hard and
getting nothing in return. Yet I can’t stop working because I’m doing what I was
called to do. Out of nowhere I get the push to work harder, and go deeper. I’m
obedient to Him, and because of that He never ceases to amaze me.

matter how hard the labor keep going my friend.  Even when they call you crazy keep going my
friend.  Even when you feel like giving
up keep going my friend. No matter how still the waters are keep going my
friend. There’s so many people behind you’re obedience. There’s a multitude of
blessings waiting just for you in the deep end.




Art World

The most exciting things about being an artist is that I get to share my gift, meet new people, and take the people that are in my life along with me! Here are a few pictures from my first and second art reception at the Southern Arc Dance Center in Newnan GA. Stop by there and look at some cool art if you get a chance!

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