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Knowledge is Power

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. –Hosea 4:6

              Before going to bed last night I
had a vision of a serpent. Thereafter God woke me out of my slumber early this
morning to pray. After instructing me to do such I heard Him say, “There is a
spiritual warfare. Good vs evil, and my people are being destroyed for a lack
of knowledge.” The meaning of knowledge is facts, information, and skills
acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or
practical understanding of a subject.

                In order to have knowledge we must
get to know Christ. In order to know Christ we have to communicate with Him,
read His word, pray, and fast. Once you get to know Christ, His knowledge will
follow. Once you study the Creator of knowledge you will be knowledgeable. He
will be your strength and protective shield, so when the enemy lurks you’ll
have the power to defeat him like He did thousands of years ago.

          As believers we must be prepared.
We are more powerful than we think, because of the knowledge that God has
instilled in us once we truly accept Him in our lives.  God has created each and every one of us with
a purpose that must be fulfilled.  Be
knowledgeable and fight the good fight so that the kingdom may be glorified.

Remember that God loves you, and
that I love you too!                    



“Knowledge is Power” 2018.

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