God has the Final Say

“With Him are wisdom and strength, He has counsel and
understanding.”- Job 12:13

a saying that says, “New levels mean new devils.” It’s a new year, and each
season comes with new tests, but thankfully God knows all. I love the book of
Job in the bible simply because he was a man that had it all, but lost it all,
then gained back double. It reminded me that each season will be different in
our lives. Thankfully God is with us through each season.

year I dare you to find your place in God because He has the final say in
everything. Cut out your doubts, fears, and the opinion of others. Let God be
the judge. He has a place for you. You are not small. You’re on His radar. He hasn’t
forgotten about you, that’s why He sent the Holy Spirit to guide you through
trial and tribulations.

                He woke
you up this morning with a purpose in mind. Keep fighting. Never lose hope. You’re
worthy of a miracle. He is here for the lost and hopeless, like a Shephard who
guides His sheep. God will point you in the right direction during all mishaps
and misfortunes.

                Rest in
Him. Be still and know during the storms in life. 

all, He is coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle. What is there to
be afraid of in this crazy world? Rejoice in that promise.

loves you!


Shakeyla’s T.

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