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God Gets Glory in You Being Uncomfortable

“Trust in the LORD
with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways
submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” –Proverbs 3:5-6

                All of
my life I have been in discomfort. I never complain much, but living with a
disability can be overwhelming at times. There were/are days when I felt
uncomfortable in my body; whether it be not being able to move freely or having
people stare in curiosity. It has been this way my entire life. I have accepted
that it will never change while I’m on earth.

                Yet I
find that in my weakest moments God gets all of the glory. He gets glory in my
body not being able to move freely. For instance: years ago my wheelchair had
broken in a public place. It would not move. I was literally stuck at the top
of this huge hill. Thankfully there were people willing to come and push me.
They could’ve left me behind, but they didn’t. I was so embarrassed at that
moment, but as I look back at my life that is when I saw God in others. They
became caretakers and servers. They could’ve kept going about their day, but
they decided not to leave me behind.

I saw Jesus in them. Jesus cared
for others. He served strangers as He walked among us. He never leaves one of
us behind. In my embarrassment and discomfort, He shined. He brought humility,
light, and love in the situation. I don’t know what those people were going
through the days before that, but I know that they were filled with joy because
they helped me.  Who knew that me needing
help could help others?

I don’t like being around random crowds of people because of stares. They make
me feel uncomfortable. I remember being in a parking lot laughing and cracking
jokes with my mom. Little did I know there was this man was watching me.  He then came up to me and thanked me for
smiling. Usually, I’d feel like I want to hide under a rock, but after hearing
his story I’m glad he saw me smiling. I even had the chance to tell him why I
smile, and why I have so much joy.

                I used
to get very uncomfortable having people stare at me, or having strangers help
me when I’m in need (sometimes I still do), but I’ve realized that God is getting
glory in me being uncomfortable. In those moments God shines even brighter. I
bring light to others in my weaknesses. Life isn’t meant to be comfortable.

or disabled; nobody is truly comfortable. Do not be ashamed of your weaknesses.
It’s okay to need help. As Christians, our lives are meant to reflect the
gospel. I know that being uncomfortable is not fun, but by you being
uncomfortable that’s where God shines the most. That’s when we lean on Him the
most.  Jesus was uncomfortable too before
and while hanging on that cross, but He knew that He had a mission. He was
about His Father’s business.

through life thinking about fulfilling God’s purpose, no matter how
uncomfortable it may be. His glory is in our uncomfortable moments too.

Jesus loves you,


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